Programming as a language

At Avante we prepare all students with the creative, collaborative, and digital problem-solving skills of the future

programming and coding in Avante Global School

We teach programming and coding as part of the core curriculum. This includes computational thinking, interface design, data analysis, machine learning, cybersecurity, networking, and robotics. This type of learning fosters creativity, problem solving, ethics, and collaboration—skills that are not only important to technical careers in the developed world, but valuable to all careers in all economies.

programming and coding in Avante Global School

Programming is defined as the art and science of translating a set of ideas into a program. As such, not only is programming an essential skill for many professionals today, but it also teaches students how to think critically and solve problems, which are widely applicable cognitive skills that people use to build knowledge, identify patterns, formulate arguments and apply solutions.


Work activities are highly amenable to automation

Did you know that…

51% of work activities are highly amenable to automation, and that is only through the adaptation of currently proven technology. It is also important to note that these activities cover jobs in all industries, as well as skill and salary levels. This indicates that automation is much less likely to lead to the mass unemployment predicted by alarmists, but will almost certainly necessitate the redefinition of most occupations and required skills.

Beginning in 2nd grade we use Arukai