Achieving success

We propose a meaninful and inspiring approach to educate our children.

A project-based educational methodology, which allows children to learn by exploring the real world, discover their passion, find their purpose, and develop entrepreneurial skills.

We challenge our students to solve real-world problems and answer complex questions.

Avante Global School structured projects

Each project is structured and purposeful – we motivate students to learn based on their passions, giving purpose to everything they do.

Avante Global School multidisciplinary
The Colombian academic curriculum and the American ‘common core’ are covered in a multidisciplinary way, with several subjects combined simultaneously in one project (we change the HOW, not the WHAT).
Avante Global School learning

We offer a better way of learning, allowing children a deeper understanding of the topics through practical applications.

Avante Global School competencies
We develop emotional intelligence competencies – nurturing critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills.
Avante Global School fun learning
We make learning fun and collaborative – connecting with students, parents, teachers, and experts in a creative environment.

Learning Journey

Journey is our year long curriculum map. This teacher designed guide links all of the learning experiences that the students will navigate throughout the academic school year.

Avante Global School learning
Avante Global School educators

Curriculum planning

Avante Global School encourages and values a collaborative approach to student-centered project and lesson planning, that includes not only fellow teachers, but also administrators, support personnel, external experts, co teachers and parents / family members. We see the role of teachers as authors, who are highly involved in curriculum development, and who are the ones who carefully select the best instructional strategies to meet the diverse needs of our students. We are striving towards integrated projects that combine standards from multiple subject areas (Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Maths) and that meet our expectations for authentic learning.