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A meaninful and inspiring approach to education

Discover Avante Global School
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Our History

Today’s students live in a world very different from their parents: the lifespan of education is shorter than ever, information is just a click away, 47% of the world’s jobs are at risk of being automated and most of the workers of the future will be independent. This requires a paradigm shift in education. That´s why a community of educators and local partners created AVANTE GLOBAL SCHOOL, in order to TRANSFORM education.

Avante Global School, founded in Cartagena, Colombia, in 2020, is a member of the Golden Circle Schools, the 1st Community of Schools in Colombia focused on entrepreneurship-based education, applying the highest standards in project-based learning methodologies.

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is the 1st school founded with directors, infrastructure and methodology designed for project-based learning experiences.

We propose a meaninful and inspiring approach to educate our children. A project-based educational methodology, which allows children to learn by exploring the real world, discover their passions, find their purpose, and develop entrepreneurial skills.

Meet the founders:

Dr. Frank Locker

Dr. Frank Locker

Architect. Manager and co-professor of the LEFT (Learning Environments For Tomorrow) program at the Harvard University School of Education, and co-founder of Golden Circle Schools and Avante Global School. World leader in Educational Innovation.

Gimnasio Los Caobos

Gimnasio Los Caobos

Recognized Bilingual School located in Bogotá, founding member of Golden Circle and UCB (Union of Bilingual Schools). Pioneer in Colombia in the implementation of education focused on entrepreneurship through projects.

Grupo DAER

Local partners – Grupo DAER

Business owners in Cartagena convinced of the need to transform education in the city, and in the country, led by Grupo DAER.

Avante Global School mission and vision

Mission and vision


Avante Global School is an inspiring, empowering and nurturing world-class learning community focused on academic excellence and self-development, guiding students to learn and live with passion and purpose in order to reach their highest potential.


A globally-connected learning community that develops motivated, adaptable, inclusive, and empathetic individuals who are valuable contributors in world dialogues.

5 Principles


Project Based Learning

Students feel empowered working on solutions to real world problems.

Education with values:

Fostering global citizens through character development and ethical leadership.

Revolutionary Campus:

Every space is designed with a purpose in order to enhance the learning experience for students.

World Class Team:

Our world-class educators are passionate about every child’s learning journey and are committed to helping them develop the best version of themselves.

Connected Community:

We believe parents are the first educators, that is why we feel the need to create a community where all parents are involved in school activities and lessons.