Revolutionary Campus

We are proud to have the most avant-garde campus in the country.

By the way…Our campus is inspired by the walled city of Cartagena.

The Environment as “The Third Teacher” concept

Every detail of the infrastructure must have a purpose, so that it acts as another teacher – supporting students to deepen learning processes.

Designed by Frank Locker PhD, our campus is designed to meet the educational challenges of the modern world. Awarded with the CEFPI “Planner of the Year” in the United States, Dr. Locker has designed or collaborated in the planning of more than 50 schools around the world . He is also the manager of the LEFT program at Harvard University, where he has revolutionized educational spaces and helped train new generations of architects and designers.

Learning spaces

Avante is designed to have the best infrastructure to serve up to 800 students on campus. Each element on campus has a purpose and is made to allow students the opportunity to realize their learning journey .

Adventure hall in Avante Global School

Adventure Hall

Large multipurpose space of approximately 300 m2, where children can be active through playing, exploring, and developing their adventures and passions in a safe and air-conditioned space.

Learning kitchen in Avante Global School

Learning Kitchen

Modern space equipped with all the necessary elements for young learners to explore while cooking.

Avante Global School classrooms

Classrooms that are Flexible and Connected to Nature

Classrooms that are integrated and separated according to educational needs, with integrated green areas for outdoor activities without leaving class.

Avante Global School synthetic soccer field

Synthetic Soccer Field

Safe space for the physical development of our children.

Parents pavilion in Avante Global School

Parents Pavilion

Co-working area where our parents can have a coffee, connect to the internet, and work, or network with other parents while their children are in class.

Avante Global School park


Our Preschool central corridor has a modular play structure and elements designed to develop motor skills, dexterity, and balance.

How we do PBL

We are guided by the Gold Standard PBL framework from PBL Works. This is a research-based model that helps educators improve, calibrate, and assess their practice, ensuring the highest quality projects for our students.

Learning Journey

Our Learning Journey is our year long curriculum map. This teacher designed guide links all of the major learning experiences that the students will navigate throughout the academic school year.

Expansion plan

Designed for 800 students in three sections: preschool, elementary and secondary school.

Each year we will continue to grow the campus, according to the master plan, to serve the needs of the community.


  • New Flexible Classrooms: new classrooms to accommodate growing demand.
  • Hands-onBarn: will house our pony, Picasso, and several other animals to promote values such as empathy and responsibility through the care of other living beings by the students themselves.
  • Garden: where our children can grow several plants s and learn about the importance of caring for the Earth as a foundation for the sustainability of the planet.
  • Challenge playground: A new outdoor playground equipped with elements that help the development of motor skills, balance, problem solving and risk taking.
  • New sports fields
  • Outdoor classrooms
  • Modern learning hub
  • Auditorium
  • Community court room
    … and many more spaces


Our Campus is located in Zona Norte, between Barcelona de Indias and the Karibana club.

We look forward to hearing about you and discovering more about your child, your family, and what you hope to find at the school.