Welcome to Avante Global School

We’re honored that you would consider Avante for your child and look forward to supporting you through the admissions process, should you choose to apply.

Admissions for the 2023 – 2024  Academic Year

Avante Global School is open for students from Tots (18-months-old) through 5th grade (10-year-old).

Our regular entry month is August; however, we invite families to apply during the entire year and, according to the decision from the admissions committee once all parts of the application process are completed, they can enroll at any time.

Applying to Avante

Admissions process


Campus visit

Book and attend the “Campus visit” to receive personalized information about Avante Global School.



Collect the requested documents (see below) and have them ready. You’ll need them for the Admissions Application.


Start your application

Access our Admissions Portal to start your application and pay the application fee $100,000 pesos. 


Submit your Application

Review and submit your online application. You’ll receive an email with the confirmation and the next steps.


Schedule your admissions assessment

Schedule your admissions assessment. The attendance of both the parents and the student is required.


Final admissions decision

Admissions decisions are emailed only after all these steps are completed (usually within 2-3 weeks).

Application documents
  • Civil Registry of Birth.
  • Students 7 years or older, attach a photocopy of the Identity Card.
  • One color passport-size photo on a white background.
  • A family photo.
  • Copy of parents’ identity card.
  • Copy of parents’ affiliation to an EPS.
  • Work certificate from both parents.
  • Income declaration of both parents.
  • Bank references for both parents.
  • General medical certificate that includes vaccination schedule, health exam, audiometry and optometry.
  • For foreign students include valid visa to the first school day.
  • Two letters of recommendation for personal reference, preferably from families from Cartagena. If you do not have, submit references of the company where you work.
  • A letter of recommendation from teachers.
  • Latest school report (for applicants from grades 1 to 3).
  • Therapeutic follow-up report (if applicable).
Additional documents to complete the registration process (if applicable):
  • Certificates of study from the previous school.
  • Proof or certificate of good conduct from the previous school.
  • Proof statements of no balance due from the previous college.
  • SIMAT withdrawal certificate from the previous school

Meet the team

John Wells

John Wells

Director of Avante Global School

Alejandra Lequerica

Alejandra Lequerica


Melissa Manga

Maria Fernanda Vela

Director of Admissions, Marketing and Communications

Admissions contact

The best way to get to know Avante is by scheduling a visit.

In the meantime, our admissions team is pleased to assist you and is eager to hear from all families considering Avante.

Find out more about Avante:

Cellphone – WhatsApp: +57 316 5030089


Campus address:
Zona Norte, Anillo Vial Km 12
Cartagena – Colombia

We look forward to hearing from you and discovering more about your child, your family, and what you hope to find at the school.


Parents, experts, community members and field work play a fundamental role at Avante Global School, becoming an essential part of the team in the education of their children.

Our Methodology

We are guided by the Gold Standard PBL framework from PBL Works. This is a research-based model that helps educators improve, calibrate, and assess their practice, ensuring the highest quality projects for our students.

World class team

World Class Directors, Advisors and Teachers: Our educators are involved with every child’s process helping them develop the best version of themselves.