Education with values

Avante is committed to fostering global citizens through character development and ethical leadership.

We intentionally develop time in our daily schedule to focus on character development.

In preschool and elementary that time is during Morning Meeting and Closing Circle. In secondary school, students will participate in an advisory class that will be a primary place to develop, model and practice these values.

Avante Global School character development

We implement CHARACTER COUNTS as a framework to teach the core values of:

  • Responsibility
  • Trustworthiness
  • Fairness
  • Caring
  • Citizenship
  • Respect

Avante Global School uses the philosophies and beliefs of Conscious Discipline as a positive behavioral intervention and support program. It gives examples of ideal and acceptable behaviors in different spaces throughout a school and is a way for teachers and students to bring Avante’s mission and values to life in our classrooms and day-to-day learning.

The Avante student

The profile of the student who wants to be part of Avante Global School is a social, transcendent being, with a solid moral and ethical background. That, together with the development of excellent academic skills through learning opportunities based on the best scientifically proven educational methodologies, will encourage them to be leaders of the future world. At Avante we work to develop human beings who identify purpose in everything they do, through:

Ethical Workers:

Everything our students do should be at the highest quality they can achieve through hard work, honest self-evaluation and respect for other’s work.

Growth Mindset:

Lifelong learners that are able to achieve success with effort and practice, identifying their mistakes and proactively managing their frustrations.

Constructive Collaborators:

Leaders capable of working with others to solve global and local problems, who recognize that diversity of thoughts is the ideal way to find better solutions.

Great Human Beings:

Caring, honest and respectful, who live their values according to a strong moral compass. Always focused on the needs of all and the common good with a sense of justice and social equity. Aware of their spirituality and respectful of other’s convictions.

Emotionally Intelligent:

Empathic people, capable of perceiving, understanding, managing, and using emotions.

Critical Thinkers:

Able to deeply analyze their ideas by respectfully defending their point of view and honoring the perspectives of others.

Autonomous Beings:

Knowing how to handle responsible freedom where self-management and self-motivation allow them to make decisions without needing constant control.

Entrepreneurship Spirit:

People who are looking for new and better ways of doing things positively impacting their community.