Connected Community

A globally connected community, where Parents, Teachers, Students, and Experts collaborate throughout the educational process.

Parents and families play a fundamental role in our Avante community

They are a determining factor in providing an outstanding and holistic international education. 

For this reason, we look for the following profile in our families:

  • They love their family.
  • They actively participate in the education process of their children.
  • They assume a responsible and committed attitude towards the school.
  • They are respectful, contribute constructively, and know how to work as a team.
  • They have a solid moral conscience
  • They offer unconditional love and support to their children, actively accompanying their growth, and integral formation.
  • They have firm and clear convictions, social sense, critical, and creative thinking.
  • They accept and respect cultural diversity.
  • They fight for life and people’s rights.
  • They demonstrate communication skills and emotional expression.
  • They promote the independence and autonomy of their children.
  • They guide their children’s behavior by setting firm but flexible rules and limits at home.
  • They are committed to caring for the environment.
  • They are models of our values, being the first educators of their children.